Trainer, coach and project manager for Crafting Business

European Crafting Business training - leading a refresh of programme content to suit remote access, online training and with business as the core focus, craftsmanship second. This training was aimed at those who had set up a business and needed input to enable them to develop the skills to thrive.

Just wanted to say a big thank you again for all the hard work being put in by you and the trainers. I really appreciate it! I can feel things starting to come together and a business plan feels somewhat achievable!

Laura-Jane, 2020 participant

With only 26 places available, I designed a process which included free one to one calls with a business trainer to help those applying and recruiting business leaders for the selection panel from across the sector and country including Richard Miller, Doreen Adusel MBE, Chrissa Amuah, Margaux Soland and Scott Mcintyre.

Crafting Business cohort 2021

After successful recruitment of craft businesses from across the UK including remote locations of Wales and Scotland to eight modules, each individual achieved a bespoke achievable business plan. I scheduled a reflection event six months after training to help those on the course build connections, reflect back and set new goals for their future.

A huge thank you for everything over the last months, it has been incredible to be part of this programme

Maija Nygren, Crafting Business participant, 2021

Building the skills and competencies of others is so important to me. This can be done in a light touch way or through a more intensive training offer such as Crafting Business.

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