Round Tables on Environmental and financial sustainability research

At Crafts Council I established the Annual Maker Needs Survey to better understand the sector. 2021 survey results highlighted the sector needed better clarity and support to be more environmentally sustainable. I designed a research project to gain a better understanding of the stages that craft businesses are at in regards to this theme, that included a financial perspective and not having environmental in silo. The report looked into general understanding; what they are doing already; the barriers; their motivations or feelings; their vision for the future; processes to achieve this and how they feel about their businesses now.

Thank you so much for today. The whole thing was really most interesting. It is always wonderful to hear the views of others - and inspiring!

Chris Eckersley, furniture designer, participant

To ensure equity in the room, I facilitated the sessions using the Thinking Environment principles, designed by Nancy Kline; the groups were a mix of educators, established businesses, suppliers, support organisations and experts.

Precious metal round table discussion at STEAMHouse in Birmingham

It was a great discussion and it certainly opened my eyes to more that I and the trade could be doing on the subject! Very insightful.

Sonny Bailey-Aird, jeweller and silversmith

This was a very powerful project for me; not only did it give vital insight into the needs of the sector; but the facilitation model helped people be at ease, open up, build connections, knowledge and most of all confidence in what they are already doing, giving them strength to develop further.

Thank you so much once again for inviting me to the round table discussion. I found it extremely interesting and the group selection was brilliant - I personally gained a lot of insight into how fellow leather craft businesses manage theirs and their customers expectations.

Carla from Risdon and Risdon, leather

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