Collect Open Business Consultant

Makers see Collect Open as a major stepping stone in their creative career; however they may not be fully aware of what is involved. Selectors look for significant creative ambition, a step change in direction; a financial commitment and museum quality craftsmanship.

Caroline's support was incredible and we couldn't have made the event a success without her support and advice. She was available to advise on the appropriate pricing, supporting materials for the day, our approach, quantity of work and many other aspects that were invaluable.

Ash & Plumb, Collect Open 2024 exhibitor

As a freelance business consultant, I manage the Collect Open programme. From hosting an advisory webinar before applications close; shortlisting and selection, coaching selected makers throughout the 6 months leading up to and during the fair. I established the importance of this particular role whilst in post for Crafts Council as Head of Craft Business Skills. I took steps to mitigate the risks to makers investment through a package of support.

In addtion to this role, I am one of the three judges for the Collect Open Award, host a Collect Open panel talk and offer VIP Tour guides for the Collect Fair programme. I bring:

Caroline’s practical thoughts and comments really helped me with the run up to Collect Open 23 - thinking of the job an image has to do instead of panicking about what to choose, finding fresh words to describe things instead of getting stuck in clichés, the importance of the first line on a grant application, focusing on how my work could inspire and influence people as well as what I’m actually going to make…She had a knack of helping me see the bigger picture and think more clearly and strategically.

Bridget Bailey, Collect Open exhibitor 2023

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